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Custom Pool Builder & Landscape Design Professionals for Orange County

A lot goes into a dream home. One of the most important elements to relaxing comfort in the home is a custom outdoor living space. Izzy Living Builders are just the professionals to call when you are ready to transform your yard into an outdoor paradise. From fountains to pool waterfalls, spas, rock formations, and custom landscaping, we do it all. Why go all the way to the resort when you can bring it right to your doorstep?

Izzy Living Builders specialize in custom outdoor design and spa installation. We also offer custom rock design and masonry, landscaping and lighting. Whatever perfect landscape you can imagine, we can create it for you. For over 20 years, we have been the number one choice for Orange County pool builder and landscape design. We make outdoor dreams a reality and take pride in getting the job done quickly and on budget. Don't entrust your vision of a dream yard to just anyone. Call Izzy Living Builders today.

Swimming pool construction orange county

Swimming Pool Construction

On your journey to building the perfect home, at some point, you will arrive at the backyard. Your yard is your private oasis. It allows you a gateway to mother nature while still enjoying the security of your own property. There are few ways to enhance the beauty of your own piece of earth like constructing a swimming pool. A swimming pool offers you a safe, clean way to relax and enjoy the water. No perfect yard is complete without one.

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Outdoor living spaces orange county

Outdoor Living Spaces

Everybody loves the comfort of their own home. Nowadays, with central heating and air conditioning, any room in your home can be just the right temperature regardless of the weather. Sometimes, however, we miss our connection with the outside. You can't imitate the bright sun warming your face, or the blue skies or cloud shapes. So why not bring the comfort of inside to the outdoors? A custom designed outdoor space can put the relaxing amenities of your home outside with the sun and the clouds. Talk about the best of both worlds!

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Landscape design installation orange county

Landscape Design & Installation

Your yard is an extension of your home; whether your front yard, which is the first part of your house guests will see, or the backyard, which sets the mood of your entire property. This is your landscape, to mold as you see fit. A professional landscape designer can help turn your vision of the perfect landscape into a reality. Whether you want to adorn your yard with exotic plants, shape your walkway with shrubs, lay down broken marble as a path, or install a coy pond, Izzy Living Builders can transform your landscape to fit your needs.

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Landscape lighting orange county

Landscape Lighting

No landscape is complete without proper lighting. Lighting accentuates aspects of your landscape that can be enhanced in the dark, allowing you and your guests to enjoy its beauty day or night. Landscape lighting will not only offer the safety of visibility in the dark and the security of having a well lit property, but also the ambiance necessary to really show off an amazing landscape.

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Waterfalls fountains orange county

Waterfalls & Fountains

Make any pool go from exciting to elegant with a waterfall. A waterfall or fountain gives your pool and hardscapes the look of a vacation resort found only in exotic parts of the world. Convert your backyard into an island paradise. Call Izzy Living Builders, your professional waterfall and fountain installers today.

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Masonry orange county


Masonry is the art of stoneworking. A skilled craftsman shapes structures out of brick, concrete, marble, granite and other types of stone. At Izzy Living Builders, we offer the highest quality custom stone and rock structures to highlight your landscape design. Rock formations and stoneworkings offer a refined finishing touch to your pool, pond or garden.

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Spa installation orange county

Spa Installation

Who would deny that a spa offers a superior level of relaxation? Spa actually means water treatment, and utilizes various temperatures and pressures of water to relax muscles. Jet streams and heated water act to massage and relieve muscle tension while the steam soothes respiration. A spa makes the perfect addition to your home or outdoor living space. Transport yourself to a new world of leisure with a Jacuzzi, hot tub, or Whirlpool spa.

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