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Showcasing Your Orange County Home in the Best Light

Orange county landscape lighting

When taking the time to design a visually stunning Orange County home, you don't want it to go unnoticed in the dark. The right amount of landscape lighting can enhance the beauty of your entire home. Accentuate your home's exterior by having downlights installed at the edge of your roof to cast a beautiful glow in your home fa├žade and highlight the architectural design.

These types of architectural lighting effects not only contribute to home security after dark but also bathe your home in a welcoming ambiance.

The best way to determine which areas of your home could use lighting accents is by walking through your Orange County property at night to see what aspects you would like to draw attention to. Also, elements of your landscape design can look magnificent during the day and breath-taking at night with the right lighting. Take a flashlight with you to help visualize whether up or down lighting would be most effective in certain areas.

When you have determined which areas you would like to apply landscape lighting to, it is best to schedule a consultation with a professional Orange County landscape lighting contractor. A landscape lighting design specialist can go over the myriad options for various lighting fixtures, bulb types and placement. Together you can determine if you would like the soft elegance of low-voltage LED's lighting up your stone pathways or if you want to hang lanterns in your garden.

An Orange County landscape lighting profesional can also help you with placement. The keenly trained eye of a designer can show you positioning that you may not have realized will create the most visually aesthetic effect for your landscaping.

When you are ready to treat your home to the beauty and security of landscape lighting, call your local Orange County professionals for a consultation.

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