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Are You Taking Care of Your Orange County Spa?

Taking care orange county spa

If you have a hot tub or a spa in your home, then you are already aware of the wonderful relaxation powers it possesses. Not only is it good for relaxation, but some other health benefits include easing pain from cramps, muscle soreness or minor injuries. Laying back in your luxurious spa is a fantastic feeling, until you realize that it needs to be cleaned. That's when you become more aware of how the water color has changed and suddenly relaxing turns into disgust because you may have been wading in dirty waters for awhile. However, properly cleaning your Orange County spa takes more than just soaping and rinsing.

Spa cleaning, to be done correctly, should be performed, or at least supervised, by a professional. You may lack the training necessary to spot what areas really need cleaning, or if they have been cleaned thoroughly enough. Here are some examples of what professionals do in order to maintain your beloved spa.

  • Because of the warm temperatures of the water used in a spa, the area becomes an effective breeding ground for bacteria. Spa sanitizer is used to neutralize that bacteria.
  • The pH of the water is tested for proper levels of calcium. Too much calcium will cause a build-up that gives your water a cloudy or murky look. Too little and the water will erode your heating and pump equipment. You will probably be advised to test weekly and refill the water after 3 to 6 months.
  • For optimal freshness, the water will be balanced using balancing chemicals to achieve a pH of 7 or 8, which is healthy for human skin.
  • The spa filters must be cleaned out using a special vacuum designed for spas.
  • To ensure freshness and proper operation you will also be advised to turn your spa on every so often, regardless of whether it is in use.

Due to the specialty equipment and knowledge it is necessary to hire an Orange County professional spa cleaner. They possess the skill set required to ensure your spa gets the right cleaning treatment and keeps you and your family safe. You definitely don't want to harm yourself with improper chemical levels or damage your equipment. So relax and enjoy your spa and leave the dirty work to the professionals.

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